The ishwish Concerts At Yebisu Garden Place In Tokyo, Japan

"Remember" CD by ishwish


"I went to ishwish live concert, recommended by my friend. The usual Baccarat chandelier at Yebisu Garden Place was particularly emitting more light.

ishwish's music is very refined, gentle, beautiful, joyful and free. Beth's voice was so beautiful and Chris who played the synthesizer was just like an angel.

A prayer like a Buddhist chant was arranged in their music."

Blog from AE

"I fell in love with "ishwish Remember" CD as soon as I heard it at the Tibetan exercise class. It is a healing type Gaia Improvisation Music. The person who told me about this CD said "you can really ascend." That is exactly true. I like mysterious and maniac things but I was really looking for this kind of music. I am so happy ??? . I ordered the CD right away."

"I finally got the ishwish CD "Remember." I have been waiting for this. When I listen to this CD, I feel like inside of my body starts floating and eventually I fly out into the sky. I was listening to it in the car and it made me feel like I can just leave the body and ascend to heaven. It definitely is a trippy CD. It is great to listen to it while doing an exercise or meditation but it is great to listen to it while driving at night. Thank you, ishwish!"

Blog from AC

"I went to see a live performance of ishwish at Yebisu Garden Place who creates improvisational music. Opens the door to the past and the future...Gaia Improvisation Music. The live performance is so powerful. The vocalist uses her 4 octave range voice freely and I got chills."

Blog from HS

"GAIA improvised Concert by ishwish at Yebisu Garden Place. I am convinced that people will reach to wherever they are supposed to be even though it may take long time. I wonder what kind of sound is going to jump out... The sound will become colors and then light and shake people's body and soul. Please enjoy the sound and vibration with your eyes, ears, and all the sensed. Yebisu Garden Place is going to transform into a power spot."

"Today's ishwish concert had an additional guest, Ikuko, who sang and played crystal bowls and it was more powerful. Their improvisation just won't stop! Their 3o minutes performance extended to 45 minutes but all the audience were in a trance state and they were all enjoying the performance. The power of music is amazing. Today's performance was especially very grounding. Now is the time to be awakened....that each one of us is part of this planet earth. Things that cannot be expressed in words can be transmitted instantaneously through music. Just like telepathy. I can see that ishwish is going to spread like a big wave."

Blog from ER

"ishwish's music is a music that "come down" They call their music, Gaia Improvisation Music. What is going to come down? The listener will feel "something" though their music as a medium. There is a chant in the middle of the song called The Way . When I heard this song, I recalled one scene from the Blade Runner , which gave me the strongest influence about my view on future. It is the scene of the rainy Los Angeles in the near future. Also I thought about the song Fearless by Incognito. It is a very vague feeling but I think this is the music where my interest and affinity will eventually end up. I highly recommend you to go to the concert to enjoy the sacred atmosphere of Christmas."

Blog from ES

"I went to a concert by ishwish. Chris was playing an instrument I have never seen before and from his looks I wanted to say that clearly you came from the outer space. It looks like he has antennas sticking out from this head. And Beth's smile was wonderful, of course without saying her wonderful voice. But her smile made me realize that it is not a dream to have peace on earth. I am still enjoying the after effects of the concert. Very serene, happy and peaceful. Please go see their concert."

Blog from MAD

"After listening to the ishwish concert, I was pretty spaced. They provided a grand scale healing music. Their music is all improvised. Maybe that is why they are so free and their scale is so big. Anyway, I got extremely drawn into their music. The power of music is really amazing! You should check them out!!"

Blog from AW

"ishwish is a duo that performs improvisation music. Many artists and composers often say the music "comes down." I was really looking forward to see their show. And my impression is...

It was just simply wonderful!!!!! This is a new type of healing music!! Please listen to their music. They will be performing at Yebisu Garden Place during December. I was feeling very magical after the concert and when I looked back the Xmas illumination was lit."

Blog from RL

"Outer Space Xmas Event. People use the word, "comes down". I wonder what will "come down" on Christmas. I went to see a performance by ishwish at Yebisu Garden Place. Their sound reaches to many stars and universe far beyond the sky. Their performance draws out the large force that is dormant inside us. Their background is beautiful with the Baccarat chandelier. The sound becomes colors and become light. It was a dream like evening that bring peace on earth."

Blog from ARB

"ishwish shares joy of sound that comes down from the universe with many people. I would like to support ishwish activity to spread love and joy to more people."


"I have not stopped to listen to the music in my daily life, so it was a very refreshing feeling to be in the world of music. Felt good."


"Since I was exposed to the ishwish music, I have been listening to ishwish CD only at home and when I am driving. While I am listening to the music, I feel like I can be connected to the higher dimension. I am very thankful to be in such a state in a daily life where I have to make small decisions. I am filled with a feeling of gratitude. I would like to continue to listen to the ishwish music and keep creating a wonderful life."


"ishwish seem to have made a safe and wonderful landing. I think the first concert gave us a feeling that ishwish will go far beyond the Yebisu Garden Place to a new dimension through possibilities the ishwish music brings. I would like to support so that all the people in this place will experience their new discoveries. This is very exciting."


"I cannot find any words to explain how I felt while listening to the concert. It was as if I remembered various things, felt various things, various thought came up in my mind, got various kinds of power, traveled to various worlds, and because beautiful and returned to myself. I simply thought everything was so beautiful."


"There were so many people standing and listening to the concert. It was wonderful. On the way back home, I had a feeling that this is a unit that will come up with some kind of a global hit music. The music that came down was beyond pop music of Team Enya or Pet Shop Boys and reminded me of deep kindness and healing of Tangerine Dreams but your music does not belong to any categories. I was filled with deep gratitude. Thank you."



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